Plastic Injection Molding

Fasia has excellent reputation in injection molding. Our in-house production site consists of 27 plastic injection molding machines ranging from 50 tons to 450 tons clamping force. The production plant is operating 7/24 and in labor intensive operation which can handle long term and ad-hoc production orders efficiently. It is our responsibility to ensure comprehensive quality control for all molded parts and on time delivery with a view to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our injection molding technicians are equipped with good experienced and knowledge in molding optimization, materials selection to suit specific project needs and budget. We are capable of handling Normal injection molding, Hot runner molding, Insert Molding, Over molding, Multi-cavity molding and Stack molding. We serve many industries for producing plastic parts, sub-assembly of plastic and metal finished products such as household appliances, toys, motor vehicle accessories, building materials, smart phone accessories, IT related products, Health Product, Lab appliances etc. As for materials we usually use for our plastic injection including but not limited to ABS, ABSV0, PE, PP, HDPE, Nylon(PA6, PA66) PC, uPVC,PVC

We also provide in-house mold testing services and assure you to obtain a best price for production since we offer free of mold maintenance if it is made by Fasia and used for our molding production. As a reliable manufacturer, all production materials and color master batches are purchased from certified suppliers according to your requirements.

We can handle sophistical molding projects such as
· Plastic + glass fiber
· Plastic + UV materials
· Plastic + composite materials( talc)
· Plastic + smell addictives
· Corn starch / green Plastic
· Color control
· Mix material (ABS+PVC/PS+PE/PA+POM/PTFE)
· FDA grade material