Our Strengths


Commitment to Quality

Over 20-year experience in plastic mold making and injection molding, we emphasize to good quality control and define quality as total customer satisfaction. That is one of the reasons why we have gained long-term trust from clients.


Also, in order to perform quality control inspection, we use different advanced devices to ensure all requirements are met such as Digital Micro caliper, Digital Micrometer, Digital micro weighing machine, Color measurer, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Hardness testing machine etc.


Productivity Excellence

Our production process can be adjusted according to clients' order and requirements because of our high efficient and flexible plant which is operating 7/24. The production lead-time is steady and predictable, which suitable for just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.


Geographic Advantage

Our factory is located at the center of Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, the main hubs of China's economic growth and close to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It is benefit for exporting and importing products to clients timely. Our head office in Hong Kong is convenient for clients to contact us and discuss business opportunities.


Reasonable Quotation

As a vertically integrated factory, our strength is to control operation and production cost. That is why we can offer a quotation with competitive price to our clients as well as maximizing their competitive advantage by minimizing the cost. We also well understand that we serve as the extension to client’s design and manufacturing department thus we guarantee we will optimize your cost control strategy without lowering the quality standards that we have promised. Ask for a quote and you'll see.


Professional Management Team

"GuanXi" is very vital for a company to operate business in China. Our management team has over 30 experience in plastic injection molding and mold building. We have good relationship with employees, customers, raw material suppliers and local communities and government, which are based on integrity and cooperation. 




Client Testimonials


We would like to thanks to the FASIA team for their immediate attention and fast response to the problem. It is proving that we have chosen the right vendor for producing plastic products.


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